Hi There!

I'm Joel Burgess.  Welcome to the internet!

Iím the studio director at CAPY, an independent game development studio in beautiful Toronto, Canada.

You may be looking for my game design portfolio, which is where you'd find my resume as a video game developer for CAPY, Ubisoft Toronto, Bethesda Game Studios, and Terminal Reality.

I've presented talks, lectures, and articles on game design and development around the world, some of which you can also find here.Iím also a founding member and organizer of the GDC Level Design Summit.

I also dabble in tabletop games!Iím doing some writing for Quest, a tabletop roleplaying game for everyone by TC Sottek, and I am the designer of The Heart Set, a card game about relationships.

While weíre at it, thereís an extraordinarily small chance you're trying to find songs by Roller Chair Derby, the ska band I played in during college.

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